Flora & Fauna Surveys


Flora and fauna surveys are a critical aspect of Environmental Impact Assessment. They are also used to gain an understanding of the values of an area to inform impact assessments and environmental plans. Surveys are also important to establish baselines and facilitate monitoring programs to assess the effectiveness of environmental programs.

Range to Reef has a flora and fauna team with significant experience in undertaking surveys throughout Western Australia, offshore islands and the tropics. All Western Australian assessments are designed to meet the legislative requirements of the Federal EPBC Act 1999 and the Western Australian EP Act 1986 and Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 [and the soon to be implemented Biodiversity Conservation Act ]. 

Flora and fauna services include:

  • Desktop and reconnaissance surveys

  • Habitat assessment and mapping

  • Floristic surveys and vegetation mapping

  • Level 1 and 2 flora and fauna assessments

  • Trapping programs (including use of pitfall, Elliot, cage and light traps)

  • Non-invasive recording of fauna through Anabat® echolocation recording and camera traps

  • Vegetation condition monitoring

  • Population modelling

  • Weed surveys and management plans

  • Preparation of Native Vegetation Clearing Permit applications

  • Rehabilitation design and monitoring

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