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Native Vegetation Clearing Permits
Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL)

Range to Reef Environmental has provided a range of services to Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL) in support of obtaining native vegetation clearing permits in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (WA) (CI).  PRL is required to obtain, in additional to approval under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, a native vegetation clearing permit to allow clearing of the forest to facilitate mining.

Positive outcomes achieved:

  • Approval of proposed clearing and issue of native vegetation clearing permit.

  • Avoidance of areas of high environmental value, for example Abbott’s booby habitat, areas of high abundance for Christmas Island giant geckos and possible nesting habitat for the Christmas Island Hawk-owl.

  • Minimisation of project footprint to reduce the impact on native vegetation and habitats.

Range to Reef Environmental has provided the above services to PRL in relation to the following projects:

  • Mining leases ML 70/1A.

  • Exploration licence 70/10.

  • Exploration licence 70/2.

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