Native Vegetation Clearing Permits (Environmental Protection Act 1986)


Range to Reef provides the following services to support native vegetation clearing permit applications:

  • Desktop and reconnaissance surveys

  • Flora and fauna surveys (Level 1 and Level 2)

  • Habitat assessment and mapping

  • Floristic surveys and mapping

  • Trapping programs (including use of pitfall, Elliot, cage and light traps)

  • Non invasive recording of fauna through Anabat® echolocation recording and camera traps

  • GIS constraints mapping

  • Assessment of impacts against the 10 native vegetation clearing principles

  • Completion of relevant documentation to support the permit application including weed management plans, offset proposals and rehabilitation plans

  • Consider issues arising from the public comment process 

  • Liaison with the Western Australian Department of Environment Regulation with respect to proposed permit application and other issues raised in the assessment


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