Risk Assessment and Environmental Improvement Program
Indian Ocean Oil Company

Range to Reef has worked closely with Indian Ocean Oil Company (IOOC) in conducting risk assessments of their entire operation. Located on the ecologically unique Christmas Island, the sensitive environmental context was considered for the development of environmental improvement programs and the implementation of a comprehensive environmental management plan, infrastructural improvements and upgrades, revision of procedures, auditing and review to address environmental risks and regulatory compliance.

​Range to Reef provided the following risk management services to IOOC:

  • In-depth operational analysis and interviews with key IOOC operational personnel

  • Team based risk assessments to identify, analyse and evaluate environmental risks

  • Liaised with DER personnel to determine particular environmental values, regulatory obligations, expectations and legislative compliance risk

  • Implementation of an environmental improvement program to formalise infrastructural upgrades and the creation of revised systems and procedures

  • Creation of an environmental management plan to guide site activities and the improvement actions

  • Audit, monitoring and annual risk review.

Positive outcomes achieved:

  • Comprehensive understanding of environmental risks

  • Ongoing success with infrastructural upgrades and improvements

  • Practical and user friendly environmental management plan

  • Improved company environmental performance

  • Improved regulator communication and reduction of compliance risk

  • Improved environmental incident reporting

  • Reduction in serious environmental incidents

  • Improved staff engagement and awareness of environmental management responsibilities

  • Continual improvement year on year.