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Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million

Tonight the Department of Premier and Cabinet presented a summary of the Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million the the Environmental Consultants Association.

The Plan is the new strategic assessment for the Perth Metropolitan Area. As Perth grows in population, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Environmental Protection Agency and WA Planning Commission are seeking sustainable solutions for our growing infrastructure needs.

The Plan delivers a reduction in red tape by securing up front environmental approvals and increased protection of the environment through a Strategic Conservation Plan. This ensures that the areas which are approved for development have already undergone a desktop environmental assessment to determine whether they are suitable for development or should be reserved for conservation. A streamlined State approvals process will also result.

The classes of action which will be covered by up-front approvals under the EPBC Act are:

  • Urban and industrial development;

  • Rural residential development;

  • Infrastructure development;

  • Basic raw materials extraction; and

  • Harvesting of pine plantations.

The harvesting of Gnangara’s pine plantations under the plan will reduce drawdown on the Gnangara Mound aquifer which is an important water source for the metropolitan area. New pines will be planted in Yanchep under the Plan to provide food for the Endangered Carnaby’s cockatoo.

Some 170,000 or new and expanded conservation reserves are protected under the Plan and the Swan Canning and Peel Harvey estuaries will have nutrient inputs from run-off reduced.

The draft documents will be open for public comment until April 8th 2016.

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