Come rain or shine

The Range to Reef flora team

Unseasonal torrential rains this month caused some unique problems for the Range to Reef flora and fauna teams. Digging in pit traps and then removing them involved an enormous amount of sticky mud and a thorough hosing down back at the house. Luckily waterproof notebooks, field sheets, camera traps and GPSs made it possible to still work in these conditions.

The fauna team removing pit traps.

Keeping the fauna team clean was hard work.

The most practical way of getting clean is to be hosed off!

Remote cameras (below) can be set up with bait to capture infra-red or daytime images of local fauna.

Rupert sets up a remote camera trap.

The rain forest is beautiful when it rains.

The rain forest is beautiful in the rain.

Working in a "river" isn't always fun.

The flora team takes a moment.

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