Best Practice for Fauna Impact Assessment Workshop

Photo: (Left to Right) Rupert Duckworth, Andrew Hill, Rachael Pratt and Brent Johnson of Range to Reef Environmental.

This week Range to Reef staff attended the Best Practice for Fauna Impact Assessment Workshop held by the Environmental Consultants Association, Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Inc. and Department of Parks and Wildlife. Attendees included the WA Museum, Office of the Environmental Protection Authority, research staff and consulting zoologists and ecologists.

The two-day workshop examined all aspects of terrestrial vertebrate fauna survey techniques, including animal ethics considerations, sampling effort, taxonomy, data analysis, trapping, remote sensing, data sharing and constraints.

Workshop participants were also invited to comment on and contribute to the draft Threatened vertebrate fauna species survey guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment.

One thing the workshop made clear is that often Environmental Impact Assessment raises more questions than answers about how specific activities will impact fauna. More research is needed and there are many opportunities for collaboration between industry, students and research facilities to provide some of these answers.

Photo: Zoologist Mike Bamford presents a talk on scoping and survey design.

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