Works Approvals and Licencing
(Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) (CI) Pt V)
Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL)

Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL) through its subsidiary companies Christmas Island Phosphates (CIP) and Indian Ocean Oil Company (IOOC) has obtained Works Approvals and Licences from the Western Australian Department of Environment Regulation (DER) for prescribed premises on Christmas Island.  These operations include general fuel distribution and storage, a waste oil facility, and a small incinerator for hydrocarbon waste.

Range to Reef provided the following services to support both CIP and IOOC obtain the Works Approvals and associated licences:

  • Prepared works approval and licencing application documentation and additional information as per the DER approvals process

  • Conducted risk assessments to supplement the application and ensure that all environmental risks were sufficiently addressed

  • Liaised with DER personnel throughout the approvals process

  • Liaised with other agencies such as the Shire of Christmas Island and the Department of Environment where required

  • Reviewed the Works Approval and Licence document to ensure that the client clearly understand the requirements for monitoring, reporting and a compliance audit where required.

Positive outcomes achieved:

  • Permission granted to begin works.

  • Improved environmental risk management due to the implementation of an in-depth risk management process.

  • Improved environmental outcomes for PRL and its subsidiaries.

  • Improved environmental outcomes for Christmas Island.