Yawuru In-town Reserves


Range to Reef Environmental developed a draft management plan for the Broome ‘In-town’ Reserves.

These conservation reserves are to be jointly vested with the Yawuru Registered Native Title Body

Corporate and the Shire of Broome.  The project was undertaken for the Yawuru Park Council and

facilitated by DEC which involved a review of reserve values, engagement and engagement with key

stakeholders and development of a draft management plan for further consideration and

development by the future vestees.

In liaison with DEC Range to Reef Environmental facilitated engagement with Yawuru – the local

indigenous group and native title holders, Broome Shire, DEC staff and FESA.


Engagement mechanisms included:

  • discussions on-country with Native Title Holders

  • field surveys and inspections with stakeholders

  • mapping of uses and values with stakeholders

  • workshop discussions and formal meetings

  • presentations


The planning process involved:

  • identification and consideration of cultural, environmental and socio-economic values of the reserves

  • identifying cultural and community aspirations for future management

  • risk assessments to identify environmental and social impacts and to prioritise mitigation strategies


Management programs were developed:

  • Vision, strategic objectives, management objectives and targets

  • Operational management strategies to meet community aspirations


Project Outcomes:

  • Draft management plan produced

  • Recreational planning undertaken

  • Recreational and commercial opportunities identified

  • Proposed management zoning developed

  • Agreement between managing partners on future vision and reserve management

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